How To Live a Happy and Successful Life

Ah yes, one of the ultimate questions, “How can I be happy and successful?”. I have asked myself this question numerous times. There are a few things that you can implement into your life so that you have a more positive outlook and increase your overall happiness.

Find Your Purpose

Searching for your purpose is one of the most enlightening paths you will go through. You may think that you have no idea what your purpose could be. Ask yourself these questions to help you on your journey:

Do I have any talents?

You may have discovered a talent early on, or maybe you havent found it yet. Either way, you DO have a talent. Think about what subjects interest you most, whether it be art, music, business, or an interesting trade like glass carving, knife making, or wood working.

Do people ask me for advice on a particular subject?

This is how I figured out what I wanted to do. My family and friends ask me for advice on anxiety, emotional/touchy topics, and life. They ask because they know I am empathetic and want to help them fix whatever they are going through, plus I have experience with it. Take a second and write down what people have asked you. That will help you figure out what your area of expertise is.

Is my mind too cluttered?

When your thoughts are blocking your view, it is time for a good de-stress to clear the way.


It takes practice, but it is well worth it. Meditation will help you get rid of those pesky, worrisome thoughts so that you can gain clarity. There are some great guided meditation videos on YouTube.

Take a bubble bath.

Without a bathtub, I would be insanely tense all the time. I take one every day, typically right after work so that I can shift from work brain to home brain.

Write down ALL of your thoughts.

Yep that’s right, every single one of ‘em. As soon as you are finished, get rid of it. Whichever way you’d like; flush it, burn it (safely), throw it in the ocean, eat it. Watching those annoying thoughts disappear can be very therapeutic.


Your Ideal Lifestyle

Do you want to live on a farm or in the city? Have a house or apartment? Be wealthy or comfortable?

This will help you from thinking a certain lifestyle is unattainable to believing in new opportunities.

Create a vision board

Vision boards are excellent for motivating and inspiring you to be successful and confident. I first heard of them when I watched the documentary The Secret. If you have not watched it, I strongly suggest that you do. It’s on Netflix!

Set goals

If you want to change your lifestyle, then you need to set reasonable goals for yourself. Don’t try to do everything all at once or you will burn out. For example, I am planning on becoming a life coach, but first, I need to work on studying for my certification. I don’t need to worry about getting a business license or building a client base yet. I just need to focus on putting aside time to study.

Create a plan

You know what you want to work towards, now you can figure out how. The best thing to do is to get a day planner and write down when you plan on working towards your goals.


Spend Time with Others

Making time for the people you care about is the key to happiness. Sure, solitude is great, but laughing with friends and family is a great way to increase those endorphins and make wonderful memories. If you don’t have many friends, a great way to make some is to join a Meetup group. If none of the groups interest you, create your own!


Treat Yourself!

Set a little spending money aside and treat yourself, maybe to an item in your Amazon wish-list or something you’ve had your eye on for a while. If you are short on cash, go hiking or have a movie night at home (make sheet tents and get candy from the dollar store).


Without happiness, life feels empty and difficult. I hope this article will help you to be a happier you!

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